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i'm back!

Well, here it is. My new journal entry. Haven't been here in a while, but tonight warrants an entry. So I went up to Wayne to Starbucks, and the guy there was cute, so i started flirting with him. Sandy had asked me to get a gift box for my grandmother for Christmas, so I got that and two lattes (one for each of us.) The total came out to 21.22, and I didn't want to break another twenty, so I pulled out my massive wad of singles (ya know, my unused lunch money.) The guy looked at me funny, so I looked at him and said, "Yeah, I just got off stripping." The guy cracked up. It was great.

On a whole different note, I have concluded that I have classic boy-next-door syndrome. good thing or bad thing? I do not know.
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haha oh my gosh! thats hilarious. very clever.
hehe... knew you'd appreciate that lol
lololol ;D
that is hilarious! It's so kewl that you had that opportunity and took it! brave grrl, lol. I have been known to take risks for a good joke/pretty girl. Josie lets me talk to her like that all the time! I come up with all these clever sexy puns adn stuff, and she says "nice".
welcome back! *hugs* Do you think not writing much in your journal is a "Taurus" thing, because most times I can't be arsed to do it myself, heh!
yeah. we're mad frigging lazy.