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filched from heather

Seven things in your room:

1. bed
2. instruments
3. cups of water
4. cinnamon bread
5. stereo
6. alex's clothes/my clothes
7. playstation

Seven things to do before death:

1. get married
2. publish a book
3. move to england
4. become a forensic tech
5. see gareth, at least just one more time
6. have a son and name him gareth alexander
7. like myself

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

1. eyes
2. sense of humor
3. being able to talk
4. being able to sit in comfortable silence
5. height (yes, I know that's a tad superficial, but i like my men tall)
6. sweetness
7. loves me

Top seven things you say most:

1. yeah (followed closely by:
2. uh huh
3. fucking ay
4. dude
5. bloody
6. ummm
7. que?

Do You:

Smoke?: nope
Do Drugs? nope
Read Spin Magaznine?: nope
Pray?: nope
Been in love?: yes
Gone skinny dipping?: never
Had surgery?: no
Swam in the dark?: yea
Been to a Bonfire: yea
Got Drunk?: yeah
Ran away from home?: planned to a couple of times
Played strip poker?: never
Gotten beaten up? the only girl in my family lol
Beaten someone up? sure
Been on stage?: all the damn time
Slept outdoors?: yup
Pulled an all nighter?: yea
If yes, what is your record?: hmmm... like, four days
Made out with a stranger?: ummm.. actually... yes. you try camping. it's hard not to.
Been on radio/tv?: nope and i don't plan on it
Been in a mosh-pit?: oh yeah, don't like it though... too loud
Gotten lost in the woods: nope
Been in an Undertow: no
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: plenty..they're all awesome =) (heather spelled they're wrong!)

About You

Three words that sum you up: creative, intelligent, friendly
Wallet: renaissance card, picture of aaron, borders card, b&n card, hot topic card, delia's card, 5 bucks
Coffee: rather have tea
Shoes: chucks
Cologne/Perfume: black raspberry vanilla body lotion or Love's body spray

In the last 24 Hours have you....:

Cried: yea
Bought something: actually no... i'm broke
Gotten sick: ugh im sick now
Sang: yep
Felt stupid: yes!
Talked to an ex: no
Talked to someone you have a crush on: yes
Had a serious talk: yea
Missed someone: yea
Hugged someone: no. i don't hug
Argued with a parent(s): nope

Last :

Thing you ate: steak
Thing you drank: iced tea
Place you went: Jay's house
Person you hugged: mad long ago... fucking... leah?
Person you talked to on the phone: uncle thomas
Person you IMed: Heather
Song you heard:Brand new - "Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot"
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